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When asked if we as Metal Casting Services Company is able to have high quality and accuracy, we not only say "Yes" because our Metal Casting Services have the equipment and technology to make it possible, but because we have the experience and determination to take even the most challenging metal casting projects from concept to completion, all under one roof. Ultimately, the goal of our Metal Casting Services is to provide precisely the metal castings you need, with a level of quality and reliability that you can count on. As part of that, we combine our experience as a Metal Casting Service Company with the ability to provide metal castings in a variety of iron and non-iron alloys.

Professional Metal Casting Services
We have been established since 1990 or Around 29 Years of experience in Metal Casting Services creating high quality work. PT. Ari Putra Brass casting techniques and types of casting that can be adjusted to your needs. In the metal casting process has many steps that if there is an error greatly affects the results of the mold for that do not choose the wrong metal casting services, this metal casting service is suitable for the manufacture of industrial goods, which are made of iron or non-iron materials. In the outline of this metal casting process there are other steps as follows: Metal mold making, material preparation process, Metal Smelting Process, Casting to Mold process, Cast Cleaning, and Recycling Process.

Complete Metal Casting Services
The process for casting castings has a different recipe for each company and we have for years handled this casting service. In terms of time also very influential on the results made. This process will fill the liquid casting mold that is made, mold making can be adjusted to various existing needs. In certain conditions, molds can be used several times or hundreds of times, but in certain conditions, molds can only be used for single use because the product needs are very varied in Metal Casting Services.

Quality Metal Casting Services
Besides having a variety of molds of our kinds. Having professional resources that have long been in fact cross the world of metal casting services by producing the best design work. We will always be committed to creating quality metal casting services that have superior quality in its class. So if you are looking for a company that provides Metal Casting Services, please contact us to ask for various information on Metal Casting Services and get the best prices from us.

Lathe Workshop
PT. Ari Putra Brass Lathe Workshop Service Company provides the best in CNC lathes and turning services. Our Lathe Workshop services are equipped with highly skilled CNC programmers and machinists, as well as horizontal and vertical reversal centers, we consistently exceed the accuracy, accuracy and quality standards of our clients. If you have complex components with tight tolerance, high precision demands, we in the Lathe Workshop process have the equipment, knowledge and experience to meet the right specifications - even if it means exceeding our industry's capabilities.

Experienced Lathe Workshop
In addition to providing metal casting services, we also provide Lathe Workshop Services that have years of experience in this industry, We have a CNC machine in the turning process in our Lathe Workshop. In addition to CNC machines we also have a variety of equipment that supports the turning process in our Lathe Workshop. This Lathe Workshop service provides various needs for metal turning. We can turn in various forms to your liking according to the tools available at us. This lathe workshop service is suitable for those of you who are looking for companies that provide Lathe Workshop Services that are experienced but have competitive prices and can be relied on for your company's needs, So if you are looking for Lathe Workshop services we work on various types of lathe jobs that you . For information in the form of prices, specifications or other things please contact us.


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